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Pedorthics (peh-DOR-thix) Is the design, manufacture, modification and fit of footwear to alleviate problems caused by disease, overuse, congenital condition or injury. 


 What is a Certified Pedorthist?

A certified pedorthist or C. Ped. is a specialist in using footwear, which includes shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthoses and other pedorthic devises, to solve problems in, or related to, the foot and lower limb.



Why should I see a Certified Pedorthist?


When a foot requires medical attention, footwear becomes very important in the patient’s treatment, recovery or rehabilitation.  It is a team approach:  While the doctor treats your foot, the C. Ped. addresses your footwear needs.






What are custom-made orthotics?PIC9.jpg

Custom made orthotics are medical devices that support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together without any pain.  Unlike shoe inserts bought over the counter, custom-made orthotics are build from molds of your foot to meet you unique needs.  


What kind of problems does a footwear prescription address?


Pedorthics gives physicians a whole range of conservative or non-surgical treatment options.  Increasingly, doctors and other qualified prescribers write footwear prescriptions to relieve pressure, redistribute weight, accommodate or support conditions, prevent injuries, compensate for imbalances or overuse, and preclude the worsening of damage to the foot.  In addition to addressing lower limb problems, footwear prescriptions can address foot-related problems, such as lower back pain, pelvic imbalances, or other limits to you physical ability to perform.  Footwear prescription can even help athletes return to their sports faster from some minor injuries. 

Common Foot Problems